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Another passion of mine, was born the day my husband bought me a Canon 400D digital camera, for our long awaited holiday in Mauritius!  I was called the papparazzi, as I wanted to take a shot of everything I saw!  Although I am still a leek at this hobby I always try to capture the best...

This & That

This used to be a puzzle!  My daughter did not like the picture so painted over it, and did some writing over the paint, but it did not come out the way she wanted, and so asked me if I could do something with it for her. Materials used:- Old picture & frame, serviette tissue paper,...


I scrapbooked my nephew's wedding invitation and framed it! Materials used:- Picture frame, wedding invite, embellishments, white acrylic paint, black acrylic paint, quick crack, varnish


This was an old piece of hardboard.  I took a broken mirror, glued it to the hardboard and then decorated it around the broken mirror Materials used:- Old piece of hardboard and broken mirror, newspaper, bubblewrap, crafters paste, embellishments, black paint, metallic copper & gold...

Lamps & Lanterns

This old lantern had been lying around for ages ... so I decided to give it a facelift! Materials used:- Old Lantern, black acrylic paint, silver metalic acrylic paint, a few silk flowers, clear laquer

Marilyn Monroe

What a legend - Marilyn Monroe!  Both my daughters love her and asked me to do something for them! Materials used:- Old cake board, crafters paste, printed pictures of Marilyn, modge podge, scrapbooking embellishments,  dimensional magic, serviette tissue, varnish  


Doing rocks is as "easy as pie"  ..... quick to make for a gift! Materials used:-  Rocks (preferably light coloured) Serviette tissue & Serviette Podge


This was originally an old maroon handbag of my mother. Materials used:- Old handbag, serviette paper, black acrylic paint, silver metalic acrylic paint, tokreen, oasis, silk flowers, serviette podge, clear laquer


This is an old encyclopedia book!  I made this for my husband's grandson when he got married.  Materials used :- Old Book, two candles, cold glue, printed photo and quote, small silk flowers, scrapbooking art to decorate, book stand, white acrylic paint and silver metalic acrylic...


This was the first bra I attempted !  Nice to hang in a bedroom. Materials used - One old Bra, piece of strong cardboard, Modge Podge, paper napkin, cheap silk flowers, clear laquer, old coathanger, piece of ribbon, a piece of oasis, Peach acrylic paint!

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